Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013: Yellow Dog - "where have you been hiding?"

Yellow Dog Tavern 

I would have to say that Yellow Dog is one of those surprise spots. The area of Canton it's in has a lot of hole in the walls (don't take offense folks!), but you walk into Yellow Dog, and it isn't what you would expect.

The downstairs has your typical high top tables (about 2), but the upstairs (guarded by a large painting of dogs) reveals a roomy and cozy eatery. Since we were the only ones upstairs, we had our choice of location and chose the table by the bay window.

I had been there for dinner (and it was delicious!), so I was excited to try their brunch. Looking at the menu, you will again be surprised. Yellow Dog does have the usual choice of eggs and bacon and toast, but they have some classy and different choices as well, including some excellent vegetarian options.

We went for the Asparagus Omelette which included goat cheese, asparagus (obviously), and caramelized onions. Maybe you don't like goat cheese, but this omelette was literally amazing. Now, we weren't excited about the toast, but come to find out later, we actually had a choice of toast or roasted potatoes.

 I don't believe the waiter offered us the choice because if you have read ANY of our previous blog entries, you know that we ALWAYS go for the home fries, hash browns, roasted potatoes, etc...'

We also shared the mini waffles (came in four) with strawberries on top. We thought this tasted fine but also felt like the $2.99 extra for the strawberries was slightly excessive.

We can't forget to mention the coffee - they do have ice lattes. Mandy wasn't super impressed. The regular coffee was well-brewed - hard to go wrong with local Zeke's.

They did have the big mugs though which made the coffee get cold quicker. However, our kind server would bring me a new mug full of steaming hot coffee every time I asked for a re-fill. I'm sorry - I'm picky about the temperature of my coffee! (see Woodberry blog for previous complaints)

Did we like the place? Our scores will reflect:

Food: 4 snaps - like we said, the omelette made you want to use words like "delectable" which doesn't seem to go in a place called "Yellow Dog Tavern".

Price: 3 snaps - this lower score was due to the strawberry conflict

Service: 4 snaps - server was super, but forgetting to offer us the roasted potatoes...sorry buddy.

Ambience: 4 snaps - decent ambience. Great neighborhood bar with a classy edge to it. We liked it.

OVERALL SCORE: 3.75 snaps - yep. We'd go back. I'd take visitors. And confession time.. I went back three hours later for their cheap sangria and amazing sweet potato fries... sat in the same exact seat by the bay window.

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  1. I'm sure this score would have been much higher had those yummy looking (and smelling!) potatoes made it on the omelet plate. Who eats cold, dry toast at a restaurant anyway? Not us. A total waste of calories :)