Monday, June 24, 2013

Bond Street Social: your Go-To summer brunch

Bond Street Social:

First, it was a gorgeous day - this could have affected our mood, and thereby our score...

Second, I admit Bond Street Social is not my style of place when I go out at night. The drinks are good, but I'm more Bohemian than New York mod (which is where the owners opened their first restaurant). Still...

We sat outside, and doesn't this picture make it look like I'm out on a picnic?

Not only that, often restaurants will seat everyone next to each other even if all the other tables are empty, but our hostess took us far away from the other guests. It's the little things that count...

Food: 4 snaps - Mandy and I split the Egg White Frittata and the Chocolate Banana Muffins. Our server recommended the French Toast (with caramelized apples and butterscotch sauce), but if you've read any other blog entries, you know I'm picky about my French Toast, so we went with the muffins.

No regrets. These muffins were... melt in your mouth. With a side of ricotta cheese. This sounds like an odd spread for a muffin and something we would never have done, but it worked. The muffins are made in the kitchen (and according to the server vary in size depending on the chef).

I could go on but enough about the muffins. The Egg White Frittata was a decent size but lacked a little flavor. I added salt and pepper and ate the whole thing, so it was still good. Maybe some rosemary, thyme, or even Old Bay would have spiced it up a bit.

Service: 4 snaps - Our server was friendly and the other staff helpful. When the sun became too much, at least three people helped put up our umbrella. I also appreciated that once my coffee was cool, they brought out a new piping hot cup, even if I had only drunk half of it. Like I said, the little things...

Price: 3.5 snaps  - The mimosas were only $6 for a glass or $10 for bottomless, so we thought that was a great price. We thought the coffee was a little steep at $3 - although there were free refills. It's a nice place, so you're paying for the ambience. The frittata was $10, so really it's your average brunch prices.

Ambience: 4.5 snaps - We decided that Bond Street had to be .5 less than Waterfront Kitchen when it came to ambience. WFK is right on the water, so you can't get much better than that.

When we think about our brunch places, we ask ourselves if we would take our out of town guests here. Our answer is yes, if you can sit outside. It's the perfect brunch spot in the summer and a little cheaper than Waterfront.

A complaint though is that it opens at 11 am. I know some think this is early for a Saturday or Sunday, but Mandy and I like to go to brunch around 9:30 or 10. 11 is bordering on lunch time... (arguments welcome though!).

Finally, while I'm not a Bloody Mary fan, I have to mention Bond Street's Bloody Mary bar... it made me wish I liked Bloody Mary's. There were dozens of sauces, garnishes, spices, flavors...really, a foodie's dream... If your out of town guests like brunch and Bloody Marys, there is no other place to go BUT Bond Street Social.

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