Monday, July 15, 2013

July 2013 - Ten Ten: Ask for Luis 

Bagby's Ten Ten restaurant is another American Bistro (and you know my thoughts on those). Ten Ten only has brunch on Sunday, starting at 11 am (and we also have written our thoughts on this specific time).

I've been there for dinner before, and let me tell you, it's delicious. So we had high expectations for the brunch.

Food: 2.5 snaps
We hate to give a place this score, but like I said - we're being more picky.

We shared the "Sour Cream Pancakes" and "Roasted Mushroom Quiche". 

You have to be careful ordering pancakes for brunch. You want something more than you can make at home, but the homemade Nutella (trademark?) spread is what drew us to this choice. While it was fine (Mandy liked it, I didn't), you can see for yourself the smudge that was barely enough for all five pancakes.

Anyway, we're quibbling. 

I really liked the mushroom quiche and potatoes, but Mandy wasn't super impressed. The coffee was fine but nothing special and not especially worth mentioning.

We will admit that we wished we hadn't ordered the pancakes but had gone straight to the dessert menu and ordered the delectable sounding Apple Rhubarb Crisp: "walnut sugar oat fennel pollen streusel with vanilla bean ice cream"!
Price: 3 snaps 
Honestly, the prices were what we expected. But Mandy wanted to make sure I pointed out the size of each of the plates. The quiche was a "small plate" and the pancakes were the "large plate". Yeah - they were actually about the same size.

Service: 5 snaps
Our server, Luis, is why we gave Ten Ten 5 snaps for service. Mandy asked if they had an iced latte, which they did not. But Luis insisted on making her one, and he did a pretty good job! He was attentive and friendly, and even switched out the side of salad for a side of breakfast potatoes. Thanks Luis!

Ambience/Theme: 4 snaps
You can see from the picture that Ten Ten has a great vibe. We did like the place!

OVERALL SCORE: 3.5 snaps 
I think the mushroom quiche with gruyere showed what kind of food Ten Ten could actually do, but we wouldn't come back for brunch.

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