Friday, August 30, 2013

August: By the light of the Moonshine

Moonshine Tavern was another Groupon deal, and we don't regret getting it. First, check out the website, you'll already be impressed:

It was obvious the idea was well thought out from the lights hanging above the tables, encased in jars to the menu itself that isn't always the same.

The Groupon deal was for two entrees and bottomless mimosas. Last time we did a deal like this, you'll remember that No Idea wouldn't let us switch out the coffee for the drinks. And while I'll admit that the coffee wasn't super great (they used Millstone), they at least let us switch out the drinks. Mandy switched her mimosa for a fresh pineapple juice, and it was delicious! Thanks Moonshine!

Food: 3.5 snaps. Splitting again, we ordered a "Monchego Mushroom Omelette" and "Stuffed Strawberry French Toast with Chocolate Ganache". I don't usually order French Toast anymore. I have too high expectations. But the Chocolate Ganache drew me in like a moth to a jar covered light. To my disappointment, there was no Chocolate Ganache, but it was stuffed with a delicious cream cheese concoction. Which I admit, was tasty. The French Toast was covered in syrup, but it would have still been delicious without. If you make good French Toast, you don't necessarily need syrup.

The Omelette had a subtle flavor of Monchego cheese and full of mushrooms. As a mushroom lover, this was, of course, a good thing. And check out the spicy home fries - yeah, they were as good as looked!

Service: 4 snaps. The folks at Moonshine Tavern were incredibly helpful, although we had several different servers that didn't necessarily know what each other were doing.

Price: 3 snaps. Since we had a Groupon, it was a good deal. But we would say that the prices were your average brunch spot. We thought they may have been a little high for your regular bacon and eggs.

Theme/Ambience: 4.5 snaps. We liked the atmosphere. It was a fun laid back place with the feeling that it was your regular watering hole.

OVERALL SCORE: 3.75 snaps! Moonshine Tavern would be a great brunch spot for the winter visitors. Being on Boston Street, it doesn't have outdoor seating, but we loved how they did up the inside. It's not your regular 'bar/hangover breakfast' either. They do it up nicely, and it's fun that they menu changes each time.

We do think they should switch out the Millstone coffee and go local. It seems like that type of place.

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